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Borne out of her passion for creating art and desire to share that joy with others, artist Pamela Sukhum, launched the Beautiful Project in early 2006 and has since worked to inspire and empower communities world-wide through the vehicle of art. The Beautiful Project has worked closely with communities in 8 countries across the globe and over 20 cities in the United States– using art as a means of bringing people together and as a healing and self-empowering force in their lives.

Please know that every sale of Pamela's artwork helps to support Beautiful Projects around the world.

The Beautiful Project is a registered 501c3 non-profit organization. All donations are tax-deductible.​


Pikpa Refugee Camp Mural Project with Pamela Sukhum - Lesvos, Greece
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An intimate glimpse into just one of our Beautiful Projects

Pikpa Refugee Camp - Lesvos, Greece

"I always had a desire to give all of myself away"

Pamela’s journey is illuminated by a selfless desire to serve. In each of her projects, she creates a safe container for creative expression. Her love and warmth speak to the heart, where there is no right or wrong, and a freedom to allow anything and everything to arise. “Being” is creative, she reminds us. “We are all artists and art gives us permission to play.” Using very simple tools, pencil and paper, paints and brushes, she invites an engagement that manifests much more than a physical work of art. One’s inner life is made visible, and the storytelling becomes as healing as the art making process itself."

How We Serve

Community Mural Projects

We've worked with communities in the U.S. and worldwide creating large scale community murals as a means of bringing diverse people together with the common goal of creating beauty. 


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Educational Sponsorships

For the past 12 years the Beautiful Project has also provided educational sponsorships. See some of our success stories.

Refugee Camp Empowerment and Healing Projects

We've worked the United Nations and with communities in refugee camps in 5 countries using art as a means of healing and


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Big Brothers Big Sisters

We've worked with partner galleries and Big Brothers Big Sisters to create special paintings events with mentors and mentees in 10 cities across the U.S.

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The Beautiful Project has worked closely with communities in 8 countries across the globe and over 20 cities in the United States.

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