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Our mission with The Beautiful Project is embodied by the words, “Beauty and Bread”, which point to the essential need of every human body to be fed and nourished and each individual’s need for self-expression in the world. 


Your purchase of art would specifically support in the following ways for 2024:

  • Support for our planned 2024 -2025 Community Mural Projects 

  • Support for our upcoming Beautiful Projects in Maui (2025) and Thailand (2025)

  • An ongoing contribution and partnership to The Hunger Project, an organization that supports resource-poor communities towards self-sufficiency

  • Ongoing contributions to those affected by the Maui Wildfires of 2023.

  • Contributions and art donations to Habilitat Long-Term Recovery Center on Oahu, HI.

  • Financial support for the continuing educational scholarships for children in Rakai, Uganda, an area ravaged by HIV/AIDS including two full-scholarships to University.

2024 Fundraising Campaign
What your purchase or donation supports in 2024

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