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Project Spotlight:
Paul, Faith and Beatrice - The Opportunity of Education

As often happens, while on a Beautiful Project, we learned of the unique needs of a particular community. We became familiar with Rakai, an area of Uganda considered a ground zero of AIDS. Since the disease was discovered in 1982, more than a million people have died, leaving behind more than 1.2 million orphans in the region. In Uganda, HIV/AIDS has significantly reduced life expectancy, depleted the labor force and reduced food security. Many children are being raised by elderly relatives and these children often have no choice but to work as laborers, rather than attend school. Many communities are trapped in cycles of poverty and disease. When we learned of this, we made the commitment to have an ongoing scholarship program for children in Rakai to help them reach their full potential. Thanks to the tireless work of Rakai Orphans Development Initiative, we have had the privilege of sponsoring three children for the past decade to reach their goals of attending and graduation from University to be able to better their lives and help uplift their community.


Beatrice Faith Paul Rakai.jpg
Paul Sserugo Home.jpg
After eight years of many letters back and forth, we were finally able to meet them for the first time in person. What joy! Here is a picture with Beatrice (at age 12), Faith (at age 16), and Paul (at age 18) meeting us for the first time. And a picture at Paul’s home in rural Uganda with his mother presenting us with a beautiful rug she wove for us. With patience, love, support, and devotion dreams can become manifest in the world.

Meet some of our long-time Beautiful Project Scholars and Graduates below:


UPDATE: What a difference 12 years can make...

We are so delighted that after 12 years of sponsorship, Paul advanced from has now graduated from University in 2022 to become a teacher and leader for his community. It is amazing to witness the resiliency, hard work, and devotion of these children to keep moving forward in the most adverse of circumstances and to pull themselves, their families and communities out of the devastating grips of extreme and often life-threatening poverty.

Paul Color Corrected 1.jpg
Paul in 2011 outside his home
Paul in 2023 just after graduating University


UPDATE: Faith has now entered her first year of University! We have been sponsoring Faith for 9 years and have been privileged to her grow and excel in her studies with a strength in mathematics.

Visting Faith and her Family at their Home in 2016
Faith Entering University August 2023


UPDATE: We originally started sponsoring Beatrice to go to boarding school in 2014. It has been a joy to witness her ongoing determination to create a better and beautiful life for herself through working diligently in school. Beatrice is doing well in secondary school and working towards University.

Visting Beatrice and her Family at their Home in 2016
Beatrice Thriving in Secondary School 2023
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