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Gaga Refugee Camp - Chad Africa  Beautiful Project_edited.jpg

Our Work in Refugee Camps:
Finding Beauty in the Broken Places

Sukhum, a life-long traveller and lover of our shared humanity has brought her Beautiful Project to refugee camps internationally, where she works with refugees displaced by conflict and war – helping them use art as a healing and transformational force in their lives.

Pikpa Refugee Camp: A Camp for Special Needs Rufugees

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Watch our mural in Lesvos come to life

Pikpa Refugee Camp Mural Project with Pamela Sukhum - Lesvos, Greece
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Pikpa Refugee Camp, Lesvos, Greece

More Coming Soon

Gonje Refugee Camp, CAR, Africa

More Coming Soon

More Beautiful Project Refugee Healing Arts Programs Around the World

"No matter what experiences we bring to the canvas, our joy, our gratitude, our anger, our dark night of the soul, there is an incredible alchemy that occurs in the art form; this gift is offered to the world. Out of the rubble and ashes of my life, I do have a gift to offer.”"

- Pamela Sukhum

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