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Art Projects with Children of Palestine 2015

“Safeguarding the rights of others is the most noble and beautiful end of a human being.” - Khalil Gibran


Gaza Today

Since Oct 7, more than 20,000 people have been confirmed killed in Gaza, according to the Ministry of Health in Gaza - more than 6,150 children, 4,000+ women, over 250 health aid workers and at least 75 journalists. 1.7 million people (80% of the population) have been displaced, mainly to Southern Gaza, where they have to seek shelter in overcrowded, unsanitary spaces. Renewed bombardment and shelling in this area that people were told to flee to, including in refugee camps, means the Palestinian civilians have nowhere to seek safety and no medical or humanitarian infrastructure to rely on. 2.2 million people have little or no access to food and water and are now suffering from infectious diseases. All three hospitals in Gaza have been bombed so that civilians cannot receive medical treatment. Listen to best-selling author, foreign correspondent, Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Chris Hedges speak on the genocide in Gaza (

October 7, approximately people in Israel were 1,200 killed. Despite initial reports is now becoming evident that Israel is unclear about whether certain people were killed by Hamas  or the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF). An additional 240 hostages held by. As of today, 100 of those hostages have been release safely by Hamas (video here of a hostage release by Hamas). Though there were initially reports of rape and “beheadings of babies”, not one of these claims have been able to be proven. Both CNN and President Biden have had to recant themselves saying that there was a beheading after finding there was no such evidence. The issue with this, is that the damage is already done painting a narrative of Hamas being brutal terrorists and Israel merely defending itself. See this video by expert Abby Martin and _______discussing the propaganda and media spin at work.XXXXXXXXXX

U.S. Support and Tax Dollars Funding Ethnic Cleansing and Genocide

According to the Euro-Med Human Rights Monitor, October 7 Israel has dropped more than 25,000 tonnes of explosives on the Gaza Strip since, equivalent to two nuclear bombs. This is funded by the U.S. with our tax dollars. 


The U.S. is by far the biggest supplier of military aid to Israel, contributing around $130 billion since its founding. Israel receives $3.8 billion annually for its military and weapons (and recently the a bill was proposed to send $14.3 immediately to Israel) and has some of the most advance military weapons in the world. With the U.S.'s help, Israel has formed one of the most formidable and technologically advanced militaries in the Middle East using advanced and mechanized weaponry to attack Palestinians. Palestine, on the other hand, has no army, no navy, not one helicopter, airplane, tank, and receives no military assistance from other countries.  Palestine has no such weapons of war to meet their oppressors with. Rather than stating this as an Israel-Hamas war, this is more accurately a war upon the people of Gaza and one that has gone on for decades. This is a genocide  (as defined) by international law (watch video here as _______speaks of this being a casebook case of Genocide)


Recently the Biden administration spoke of Israel needing to use more caution in killing civilians however this seems to be empty rhetoric as President Biden is simultaneously pushing for unfettered arms transfers to Israel: Additionally,  on Dec 9, the U.S. was the only country to  VETO a U.N. Security Council resolution calling for an immediate humanitarian ceasefire with the rapidly deteriorating situation for Palestinian civilians. The U.S. Government has been no less than a partner in the genocide in Gaza.fettered

A question often raised is "but what about the hostages taken by Hamas and the 1200 people killed in Israel on Oct. 7?" One's heart equally goes out to all the families affected by this but was is critical to understanding what happened on Oct. 7 did not happen in a vacuum. It was the result of decades of injustice inflicted upon the Palestinians having to take to more extreme measures simply to be heard. I say this as both an American and Thai national knowing that Thai citizens were amongst those killed on Oct 7 and also taken as hostages. There is the understanding with many along with with many Jewish voices from “A Jewish Voice for Peace” (a non profit inspired by Jewish tradition to work together for peace, social justice, equality, human rights, respect for international law, and a U.S. foreign policy based on these ideals) in the stance that “all violence is based on oppression”. The Palestinian people have been oppressed for decades now as they are denied basic human rights. Here is another video of hostage release by Hamas where the hostages state they were well-treated.


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Like so many, I have felt at times powerless to affect any change, to really be of help. What can one tiny, little person like me possibly do in a situation so immense, so dire where there are such extreme powers at play? So much darkness at hand? The story of the Palestinians who have had a wage waged upon them for 100 years is the same story as the indigenous, marginalized, colonized, and oppressed people all over the world and people with some degree of sensitivity can intuit this. Most of us feel this is not right in our hearts. It is not merely something “political” to leave up to the political experts, the historical experts, and the pundits but that it is something that deeply violates our sense of humanity – what it means to be actually and fully human. For we often misunderstand, we believe erroneously, that it is the oppressed that suffers alone (although their suffering is apparent and immense) but the oppressor and the majority of silent bystanders that implicitly support the oppressor in their silence suffer as well… and what is that suffering? For the oppressor and those complicit in injustice - we too are in great peril of losing sense of our own wholeness, our own humanity – without which life quickly becomes a meaningless shell, a dried and calcified husk of a human having to increasingly seek some outer source to fulfill that nagging sense of lack that comes from the absence of Being. Being whole, being fully human, with the capacity to feel and to love. To love, not only within our tiny little sphere of life, under the misapprehension that we are somehow all disparate parts lacking any connection… any cohesion, but to love our fellow mankind. As we widen the gap between “us” and the “other” we become ever more separated and alienated from ourselves. To cut off an entire group of people is like cutting off our own leg. 


And yet how… How do we mend these ruptures?… How do we bridge these apparently ever widening gaps?… What can we possibly do in the face of so much darkness? I know these questions have bombarded my mind as much as the images of violence and suffering we are now bearing witness to.  So much so, that it seems hard to have the energy to meditate and create… and yet I know that is what I must do. I was given a gift to paint in a unique way with a unique voice and also given the gift of the very desire and passion for painting. And so it is. It is my job, my profession, dedication, my little way of holding up my tiny corner of the universe. And that’s all each of us can do… our given role… whatever that may be…to follow the deepest calling of our hearts for good. And lately, as so much darkness has fallen upon us, even though I must fight to keep at the easel and not let the prevalent sense of density and inertia take over, as if painting through molasses, I can see it…revealed brushstroke by brushstroke. That the light of heaven still struggles through the 20-haired tip of the brush to express something of our deepest selves, our soul, our shared humanity calling out loudly for us to return to the Self, to restore our inherent and natural sense of goodness and harmony… the calling to become ever brighter beacons of light in these days of darkness with the unfathomable light of the heart leading the way. 



"Although we may take on different appearances in that gorgeous and plentiful multiplicity of life that we are inextricably interwoven and that we all rise as One from the One.”

With Great Love, 

- Pamela Sukhum




Take to the streets: Check with your local chapters of Students for Justice in Palestine, Palestinian Youth Movement, Jewish Voice for Peace, and other SWANA-focused organizations for local protests and actions happening every day.

Contact your representatives: For US-based community members, use this basic call template from US Campaign for Palestinian Rights or this email template from Jewish Voice for Peace to quickly express your solidarity with Palestine and call for an immediate ceasefire. For UK-based community members, use this template by Medical Aid for Palestinians to email your MP. For Canadians, use this call template to contact your MP. It takes less than five minutes!

Boycott Israeli Genocide and Apartheid: Reject Israeli funding, refuse collaborations with all Israeli institutions, and take part in the BDS movement.

Support colleagues who speak out: Community members across the US and Europe are being silenced, vilified, and attacked for supporting Palestinian liberation or for merely being of SWANA descent. Stand with your community members!

Support Urgent Relief Efforts And Grassroots Fundraising For Gaza

Send donations to this direct aid campaign facilitated by Beirut Art Center, this grassroots mutual aid campaign in GazaPalestine Children’s Relief FundMedical Aid for Palestine, and The Palestinian Social Fund.



**Cairo Institute For Human Rights Studies (CIHRS)

I wish to share these resources which have helped in informing myself on the true nature of this conflict from prominent experts in their field:

Ta-Nehisi Coates Speaks Out Against Israel's "Segregationist Apartheid Regime" After West Bank Visit

Israel/Palestine: The History and What’s Real -  Norman Finkelstein (interviewed by Mikhaila Peterson): 


The 100 year war on Palestine w/Rashid Khalidi | The Chris Hedges Report 


Stand with the oppressed. 

Igor Kufayev speaks to the dynamics of troubled times:

We Are All Palestinians:

Holocaust Survivor, Gabor Mate, Tells Piers Morgan Why He’s Not A Zionist:

This brave and talented photographer, Motaz Azaiza, captures the shared humanity so well, but I wish to prepare you that some of the imagery he has captured is deeply disturbing: 


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